Multiple fiber cuts in our Mumbai network affecting all members Saturday 20th February 2021 15:14:50

There are multiple fiber cuts in our Mumbai network affecting all members. We are currently investigating.

We are in contact with Cloudflare, their traffic will be back soon, ring is fully operational and stable.

Amazon peering traffic also recovered, Cloudflare Peering is still down. Detailed RFO will be shared soon.

Akamai Peering traffic recovered, still Amazon and Cloudlfare Peering services are affected, we are checking with their teams. Rest issues are resolved. Complete RFO will be shared soon.

We experienced a loop in our Mumbai network because of fiber cuts and wrong splicing made by one of the vendors which has been isolated in a few minutes and at the moment issue is resolved. SION DC is currently isolated from the ring and all members connected there as well members in Chembur, Cyquator and CTRLS POPs. We are working to fix this issue as well.

Akamai Peering (AS 20940) is affected and will take time to fully recover. Traffic degradation, broadcast and related logs were because of this problem.