[Extreme-IX Mumbai] Packet losses to some members and content providers Monday 10th January 2022 22:50:00

Due to major fiber cuts our GPX to Netmagic link is working on half capacity. You may observe packet losses along with traffic degradation some members and content providers. The concerned team is informed and checking at the moment.

Affected Content Providers: Akamai (20940)

Akamai Traffic started recovering.

As Per Akamai, they are still working on it, no exact ETR is provided.

Akamai Team is still working on it. ETR is extended by 2 Hrs.

Akamai AANP ETR is 1 Hr from now

Fiber-cut has been fixed and no packet losses are observed to any of the Mumbai members.

Akamai Peering traffic remains down, we are in touch with their team in order to resume the cluster. No ETR for now.