Google Planned Network Maintenance (AS15169) from 2023-11-20 09:25 IST to 2023-11-20 13:05 IST

Scheduled maintenance Delhi Delhi Peering
2023-11-20 09:25 IST · 3 hours, 40 minutes



We have been duly informed by Google (AS15169) regarding an ongoing maintenance activity they are conducting. Reference PCR/760386

Google Neighbor Address(es):
Google Neighbor Address(es): 2001:df2:1900:1::10

Start Time: 2023-11-20 09:25 AM IST
End Time: 2023-11-20 01:05 PM IST
Duration: 3h40m0s

During the scheduled maintenance window, it is anticipated that there will be a temporary interruption in services.

Google systems will automatically re-route the traffic on alternate peering links under maintenance

November 18, 2023 · 00:51 IST

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