Fiber Cuts Affecting customers connected in TATA DC, Reliance DC and Sify DC in Chennai along with some Content Providers. Thursday 10th June 2021 12:49:23

We are observing reduced traffic in Extreme IX infrastructure Chennai due to multiple fiber cuts in our main and backup links.

We are checking for an ETR with our transport provider.

Affected Content Providers: Akamai PNI (AS20940) Facebook (32934) Netflix (2906) Amazon (16509) twitch Peering (46489) Yahoo (AS10310) google (15169) Bitgravity (AS40009) Microsoft(AS8075)

All issues have been resolved, links are operational and traffic has restored.

Backup path has been rectified and traffic is recovering. Main link is still down so some performance issues or packet losses may be experienced along with Akamai Peering traffic which is also affected. ETR for the main link is still not provided by our vendors.