[EIX Delhi] Multiple fiber cuts affecting customers and content providers connected in Sify DC Sunday 2nd May 2021 14:00:00

Due to multiple fiber cuts to Sify DC , this DC is completely isolated now from the rest of DCs.

Affected Content Providers are:

Facebook Peering (ASN32934)

Cloudflare Peering (ASN13335)

Fastly Peering (ASN54113)

Hongkong Saega (ASN54994)

Google Peering 2 ( (ASN15169)

We are working on link restoration and ETR will be provided shortly.

The link is restored. Traffic is recovering.

ETR for the link restoration is 4 hours.

Traffic is passing through a 3rd redundant path now, however the following 2 content providers are affected and will not be available:

Facebook Peering (ASN32934)

Google Peering 2 ( (ASN15169)